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Date: Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Mahikeng-In a quest to speed up the agricultural services to the communities of North West and revitalise  operations within the Department, MEC Desbo Mohono of Agriculture and Rural Development has been  meeting with the workforce of the department in the four districts of the province.The aim of the drive was to find better ways of providing services, to encourage a new revitalized approach to  agriculture and to inculcate a culture of excellent service delivery and professionalism when working with
service recipients. The staff that the MEC has been meeting include specialists from the department to the general administration staff from various units of the department.Speaking in a meeting held in Vryburg town in the Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District on Thursday 07 April  2022, MEC Desbo Mohono reminded officials in this district that they are all important and that the people are  relying on them for services.

Addressing the extension services and veterinary staff, MEC Mohono said Extension officers must always  remember that they are at the forefront of service delivery and are the face of the sector to clients and the  general public. ‘You are the coalface platform for the department’s interaction, liaison and support to farmers and  communities. We therefore expect you to work closely with farmers and communities,” Mohono emphasized. To the veterinary services staff of the Department, MEC Mohono had this to say, “I appreciate the work that  you are doing, however I wish to remind you that your primary responsibility is not only to ensure that we are  safe from the disease, but to also educate our farming communities about the importance of animal health  which does not only contribute to improved health of the animals but also to improved food security of the  province. “Be our ambassadors on the ground.

You are the most critical component of agriculture. Farmers and  communities will only gain comfort if you continue to support them,” MEC Desbo Mohono expressed. In her stopovers in various districts, MEC Mohono was emphasizing that she wants to see action and results  from every unit. “We are a team and therefore we need to work as one. This silo mentality that I am seeing, will not take us  anywhere.  The people that we are serving want nothing but services. If we have differences, let us put them  aside and put the needs of people we are serving before everything,” MEC Mohono said. The staff in general welcomed MEC Mohono’s gesture of taking time out of her busy schedule to meet with  them. One of them is Mahlaku Malebati, an Animal Health Technician based in Ganyesa. He expressed his appreciation for the meeting between the MEC and the staff. “I am going back to my  workstation re-energized and inspired. Thanks to MEC Desbo Mohono for affording us this platform to discuss  important issues that sometimes hinder our performances. I am hopeful that whatever that has been  discussed here will be implemented,” Mahlaku said.  MEC Mohono has emphasized that her engagements with departmental officials is not going to be a once off  arrangement but will be continued.  She said she will meet with them again after six months to monitor  implementation of departmental plans and progress thereof.

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