Date: Thursday, 05 May 2022

Brits – MEC Desbo Mohono held her last session of the stakeholder engagement with farmers in Bojanala District on Friday, 28 April 2022. The meeting outlined possible methods that will assist farmers to reach commercial status with various funding institutions (government, private sector and NGOs) and programmes such as ILIMA, the Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) as well as the prioritization of youth and female farmers which has taken main focus for MEC Mohono to develop and improve the agricultural economic system, the value chain as well as to tackle unemployment, food insecurity and to improve the overall output of produce in the province. Speaking at the meeting, MEC Mohono encouraged farmers in particular the young ones to take advantage of opportunities presented by government to grow their craft. “I am encouraging youth and female farmers to take heed of the opportunities presented to them by government.

They should not underestimate their potential with the belief that agriculture is a male dominated industry and therefore their contributions will not make a difference. The department is committed to providing quality services and support to emerging farmers specifically in this demography as they are able to incorporate and share experiences with each other to grow the industry as businesswomen,” said MEC Mohono. Louisa Mogotsi, a citrus farmer from Mooinooi who has received assistance from department and currently exporting her produce to various countries expressed her gratitude towards MEC Mohono’s inclination to concentrate funding towards women to enable themdiversify and collaborate with other female farmers massify their produce as well as invest in skills development.

Amongst others, attendees received presentations on different topics such as supporting effective capacity development in the North West Province, refocusing agriculture in the North West Province with special focus on livestock farmingas well as a presentation on many advantages in aquaponics farming; poultry, citrus, red and white meat; horticulture as well as on grain production. Discussions that transpired during the engagements with farmers in all four districts yielded a way forward for the department to address the challenges raised and have also restored confidence and trust in government’s efforts and the vision that black farmers have to become not only commercial but mega farmers that are able to contribute immensely to the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment.

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