Date: 22 September 2020
MIGDOL-MEC Desbo Mohono has been moved by local farmers’ act of kindness and generosity towards fellow farmers in the province. This comes after a Mamusa Agricultural Forum donateda goats, sheep, pigs, heifers and a bull to other emerging farmers from and around the Mamusa Local Municipality so they can grow their farming projects.
The forum is made up of emerging farmers and was established in 2017 with the aim of protecting and advancing the interests of local farmers, promoting the development of a viable farming industry in order to improve rural community’s standard of living and enhancing rural farming.
Speaking during the handing over of donations to beneficiaries last Tuesday, 22 September 2020 MEC Desbo Mohono said she was personally touched by the generosity of these farmers.
“I’m completely humbled and touched by this gesture. I therefore wish to thank the forum for the initiative that they have come up with and for sharing with others what they have so they can and empower themselves and go further. Not everybody gives out, but for the mere fact that they have extended a hand to help others it’s a good thing. We are so grateful as the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and we would like to encourage other farmers to do the same. We are overwhelmed by the compassion and generosity of our farmers,” elated Mohono expressed.
To beneficiaries, MEC Mohono said they must go and multiply what they have received. “If you take care of them they will take care of you,” Mohono concluded.
The forum itself identified beneficiaries whom majority were young people from the Mamusa region who are actively involved in farming and other agricultural activities.
Speaking on behalf of the forum and donors, the Deputy Chairperson Mr Kabelo Digopo said donation of these animals is part of the forum’s vision and mission of developing others. “Our vision is to see many young people taking part in the agricultural sector and the donation of these few animals is our contribution towards that vision,” Digopo highlighted.
Ofentse Seane, a young female and aspiring farmer from Ipelegeng was one of the beneficiaries. Seane thanked the Mamusa Agricultural Forum for their kind gesture. “On behalf of all beneficiaries, I wish to convey our genuine appreciation and heart-felt thanks to the forum for everything they have done for us.
“We thank them for reaching out to us as aspiring and emerging farmers and we want to assure them that we will not disappoint them. Maybe without the help from these fellow farmers our passion for farming would have died long time ago,” young Ofentse Seane went on to say.
The generosity and acts of kindness by the farmers towards fellow farmers in the province is not a new phenomenon.
Not so long ago, the Department welcomed a donation from a group of stud breeders in the North West Province who donated ten (10) Boran bulls to emerging farmers to help them improve the quality of their herds. In the Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District Municipality, the passion for farming also motivated six stud breeders to donate bulls to a number emerging cattle farmers. The breeders handed over five bonsmara bulls and one Bramvee to the beneficiaries.
As MEC Desbo Mohono puts it, “the spirit of working together that we are seeing amongst our farmers will help us to grow and make the agricultural sector a more economical one thus leading to a general upliftment of the farmers and the broader communities.”
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