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Date: Thursday, 14 April 2022

Mahikeng –Following Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) outbreak in Potchefstroom at Dr Kenneth Kaunda District recently, the North West Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (NWDARD) has so far inspected 65 farms and this operation is set to continue during the Easter weekend. On all these farms a total of 1463 cattle, 100 sheep, and 19380 pigs were inspected. This week alone, two of the farms were issued with Precautionary Quarantine Notices.
The Veterinary Service of the Department equally continues to enforce a tight biosecurity process. Dr Langa Madyibi, Director: Veterinary Service of the NWDARD said “Strict attention is paid to biosecurity when moving from farm to farm as Technicians are required to disinfect when moving around the farms.” This is to curb any possible spread of the disease to other farms.

Madyibi said that inspection and blood sampling of farms in the neighboring 10-kilometer radius (from the farm where the first outbreak was determined) is continuing to determine if there are any farms that may be latently infected. The process will continue until all the farms in that radius have been sampled. “Afterwards a period of 2 incubation period is going to be allowed to pass before another round of sampling takes place. That will help to determine the clinical endpoint of the disease and begin our Day 0 counting for determination of lifting of quarantines,” Madyibi further clarified.

The MEC for NWDARD, Desbo Mohono is still calling for calm among the livestock farmers in the province. “The Department has assembled a dedicated team to ensure that all precautionary measures are undertaken to prevent the further spread of the disease. We urge farmers to be on the lookout for clinical signs that resemble the disease and report them immediately to the nearest State Veterinary office,” MEC Mohono reiterated.
All farmers, livestock owners, members of the industry are again, urged to use caution when sourcing cattle, ensure that you know the health of the animals you are investing in and where possible, seek a health attestation from the seller’s veterinarian confirming the health status of the animals you are buying.
Should any suspicious clinical symptoms (salivation, blisters in the mouth, limping, or hoof lesions) be seen, they should be reported to the local State Veterinarian immediately and such animals must not be moved under any circumstances.

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