Ventersdorp – MEC Desbo Mohono has handed over a Cattle System designed to identify a herd’s trend and performance to Regomoditswe Malao, an award winning Boran stud breeder from Boschkop near Ventersdorp. The handover event was held on Wednesday, 10 April 2024 at the farmer’s area.

The Cattle System is used to develop, to identify, record and monitor the development, nutrition and health history of cattle through ear tag tracing. This makes recording, analysing and predicting illness, behaviour and body condition easier for farmers. A computer application connected to the system collects data such as weight, breeding history and age. This information is used to create a comprehensive database of the farms livestock which identifies trends in the herd’s performance and assist farmers in making informed decisions about management of their livestock.

Malao also received twenty-five (25) pregnant boran herd, a cattle weight scale, manure spreader, feed mixer, 4 row planter, handling facility that can accommodate a hundred (100) cattle, sighting and drilling of borehole through the Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP).

Thrilled with the immense support the department provided to Maloa Boran Stud, Regomoditswe appreciated the department’s extension and advisory services for the remarkable work executed throughout the project’s development. “We have walked this long journey together and everyone was patient despite the challenges we faced. We are here to witness the exceptional efforts that were put into this project without fail. The dedication shown by MEC Mohono and her team in developing cattle farmers is highly valued and will definitely reap the expected outcomes of commercializing black farmers in the province,” said Regomoditswe.

Furthermore, the Department also handed over Thekiso Aquaculture Project. This project is operated by three beneficiaries received seven thousand (7000) Nile Tilapia fish, fish feed, seven ponds were constructed, a fully equipped solar system that supplies power to the ponds and a tunnel was installed.

The Klipgat based project has been functioning for two months since its completion. Kenalemang Thekiso said before the construction of the new ponds, the business partners used to grow their Tilapia from a small pond which they still use and supplied locals with the fish. “Now that we have ponds that house 1000 fish each, we will be able to expand our market as the fish is in high demand. It takes approximately six months for the fish to grow meaning we will have to grow the fish in phases so that we have constant supply for the ever-growing market,” she said.

The second phase of the aquaponics project will involve planting vegetables which will be nourished by the fish pond water which is rich in beneficial bacteria and other nutrients that promote healthy plants.

MEC Mohono concluded the handover by encouraging both farmers to partner with other agripreneurs to ensure the growth and sustainability of their businesses. She said that it was also important for farmers to invest in technology that will simplify data collection, analysis and recording of their livestock and other produce that they have on their farms. “We have demonstrated with the Malao Boran and Thekiso project that technology is reshaping the future of agriculture and making farms more efficient. Smart farming, should be prioritised by our black farmers and we commit as a department to continue supporting those that show dedication and potential to become commercial and mega farmers,” enlightened Mohono.

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