Mahikeng-Farmers and communities in Mamusa, Lekwa Teemane, and Greater Taung Local Municipalities are urged to be on alert following confirmed rabies cases in various villages in these municipalities. The current outbreak started in farms under Mamusa and Lekwa Teemane Local Municipalities; now there is a spill over to the villages under Greater Taung and a high risk of exposure to rabies disease in the community.

Rabies is a highly contagious viral disease that can be transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected animal or licking of broken skin. Therefore, community members are urged to be vigilant and cautious of any unusual changes in behaviour in their animals, especially dogs.

Pet owners must watch their pets closely for any signs of unusual behaviour such as aggression, excessive drooling, paralysis, or difficulty swallowing. Pet owners also need to ensure that their pets’ rabies vaccinations are up to date as vaccination is the most effective way to prevent the spread of rabies and protect both your pets and your family, as required by law. Communities are urged to avoid contact with stray or wild animals and not approach or attempt to handle any animal showing signs of aggression or illness.
If you suspect any animal in the community may be infected with rabies, please immediately report it to your Local State Veterinarian clinic. If you have been bitten or scratched by an animal that you think may have rabies, seek medical attention immediately.

Officials from the Department in this area are working closely to monitor and respond to the matter. The public is therefore advised to be on high alert.

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Issued by the Communication Services Directorate
Enquiries: Ms Emelda Setlhako
Cell: 060 745 4020

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